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Navigating the maze of dog training advice can be daunting. Amidst the mix of conflicting methods, Paws the Attitude stands as a beacon of clarity and expertise.

Discover a sanctuary of professional, ethical dog training dedicated to your pet's well-being and your peace of mind. While others may offer one-size-fits-all solutions, we recognize that every dog is as unique as their owner's bond with them. Our approach is deeply personalized, tailoring techniques to fit your dog's individual needs and your lifestyle.

At Paws the Attitude, we go beyond obedience commands. Our experienced trainer partners with you to address behavior issues and cultivate a harmonious relationship between you and your furry companion. Through positive reinforcement techniques, we empower both dog and owner, fostering mutual understanding and respect.

Whether you seek assistance with basic manners or aspire to master advanced skills, our comprehensive training programs cater to dogs of all ages and abilities. Together, we'll navigate the journey toward a happy, well-behaved canine companion, ensuring a lifetime of joyous companionship and mutual fulfillment.

Examples Of What We Can Help With:

Excessive Barking

Jumping up

Leash Pulling

Not Coming When Called

Destructive Chewing

Resource Guarding

Join us at Paws the Attitude, where clarity meets compassion, and expertise thrives. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, enriching the lives of both you and your canine companion.

Your Trainer

Jessie Finch

Professionally Training Since 2017

With over 6 years of professional experience, her journey into dog training began with a childhood passion for animals. Growing up in an area where abandoned animals were all too common, she often found herself bringing home strays and providing them with the care and love they deserved or helping them find their forever home.

Her dedication to helping dogs find their forever homes led her to volunteer in animal shelters, where she provided companionship, exercise, and training. Witnessing how dogs with basic training had better chances of being adopted inspired her to learn more. This passion was further ignited when she received Yoshi, an adolescent puppy that was a Jack Russell Terrier mix, as a gift from her mother.

Yoshi faced challenges like reactivity, resource guarding, and separation anxiety, which opened her eyes to the struggles that many people experienced and how it impacted their everyday life. Unfortunately, their journey began with setbacks when a trainer worsened his issues. Determined to help Yoshi and dogs like him, she embarked on a path to professional training.

Under the mentorship of a Guide Dog for the Blind Trainer, who also enjoyed working with pet and sport dogs, Jessie gained invaluable knowledge and skills that empowered her to make a difference in the lives of families and their canine companions.

Her journey continued at Petco, where she taught group classes and eventually became a mentor for aspiring trainers. However, Petco's restrictions on helping dogs with more difficult issues motivated her to establish Paws The Attitude, where she could provide tailored training solutions for every dog and owner.
Jessie believes in the ongoing journey of learning. She prioritizes continuous education, proudly supporting IAABC and holding professional membership with APDT. As an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and AKC Trick Dog Evaluator, she evaluates canine skills. Additionally, as a dedicated student of Fenzi Dog Sport Academy and an avid attendee of various conferences and workshops, she remains committed to pioneering dog training techniques and methodologies

In her free time, she enjoys sharing her home with two dogs whom she trains and competes with in Rally, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, and Nose Work.

Unleash the potential for lasting change and blissful companionship with your canine pal. Together, let's rewrite the story of your bond, filled with excitement, trust, and endless possibilities. Reach out today to kickstart your journey towards a brighter, more harmonious future!

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